West Royal Blue WMA

Compared to the busier well marked off roading trails on the east side of Royal Blue, the west side is less traveled and has no ratings marked on the trail signs. (When you can find trail signs.) We decided to head in from the Red Ash area which is down on the Caryville end. After our last couple of trips there I'm convinced we could devote a large section of IronJeep.com just to this side of Royal Blue.

The East Royal Blue page mentions where to get a map, and I'd highly recommend it before venturing to this side. We haven't been impressed with the map for the west side, but it's better than nothing and will keep you from getting too lost up there.

Directions: I-75 north from Knoxville, TN take the Caryville exit 134 and turn left. Red Ash Road is an unmarked gravel road on the left approximately 1.5 miles from the interstate. You'll pass Red Ash Church and there is a pretty cool footbridge over the creek just before Red Ash Road. You'll continue up the hill almost 3 miles before coming to a road that comes in from the right. It's another gravel road that isn't marked but according to the map it's Turley Mountain Road.

UPDATE: On our last trip this trail is now marked and is labeled Cross Mountain Road.

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