Norris Watershed

The Norris Watershed is located adjacent to Norris Dam State Park. There are several entrances to the trails, but the easiest and likely most popular is Lower Clear Creek.

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Most of the trails in the watershed are very mild, and can be handled without 4wd. Keep in mind that there are bike riders and horses on the trails with you and we encountered several on our trip. Also leave your ATV at home, it's illegal to ride them in the watershed.

We ended up taking Lower Clear Creek up to the water tower and made a left across a small bridge. This put us on Hi Point Trail which is an easy Jeep trail that eventually meanders it's way over to Upper Clear Creek Road. Make a Right onto Upper Clear Creek and a short ride brings Belmont Trail that enters from the left. This used to be a fun trail, but the last time I rode it (Early 2012) it had been bulldozed smooth.

Trail maps can be picked up for free at the Norris Municipal Building at 20 Chestnut Drive in Norris Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. They close at 12 on Wednesday, and 12-1 for lunch the rest of the week. Their phone number is 865-494-7645.