Nemo Bridge Area

We were headed back to Catoosa to further explore the many off roading trails there when we got sidetracked. Immediately before the Nemo Bridge, (Find out how to get to Nemo Here!) there were trails on the left and right. My lovely wife mentioned that she thought there were some trails back in there, so off we went!

We took a left and followed the trail straight back to some train tracks where there's a tunnel through the mountain. We turned around to head back and immediately to our right we found what has to be one of the coolest off roading attractions we've found to date. It was the old abandoned train tunnel!

It was flooded with about 2 feet of water for most of the ride and was very creepy. I'm not sure how long it was because I was having way too much fun enjoying the ride, but the video is on the next page so watch it and judge for yourself.

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