East Royal Blue WMA

We started exploring on the east side of Royal Blue WMA with some friends from the Knox Offroad Club. This was really my first time off roading and was rather exciting. Access to the Jeep trails in the Royal Blue WMA is from I-75 exit 141.

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In order to legally ride in Royal Blue WMA you need to have a permit. The best value is to get a 1 year hunting/fishing license with a 093 WMA small game stamp. This works out to $45 per year (For a TN resident) and runs on a calendar year from March 1 to February 28. Only 1 pass per vehicle is required, which makes this a bargain.

The downside to these trails vs say Windrock is that the trails can get fairly narrow in spots so you may well end up with some trail rash from brush. Also it's not terribly uncommon to find Trees down across the trail or huge ruts in places that can make for some excitement.

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