Caryville Flats

While technically Caryville Flats is part of the north side of Windrock Park, it's seperate enough to warrant it's own mention as a favorite destination of local off roaders. The flats as it's called offers spectacular views of the surrounding area, particularly the start of Powell Valley that houses Caryville, Jacksboro, and Lafollette. On a clear day one can see nearly to Kentucky in one direction and The Great Smokey Mountains in the other.

There are several routes up to the flats depending on how much time and how adventurous you feel. The easiest way to get there without a Windrock map is to take Mountain Road out of Caryville to the very top of the mountain. Once to the peak you'll find a 4 way intersection with a dirt road to your left and a gravel road to the right.


This trail has now been gated off to prevent access. You'll need to come in from Beach Grove up trail 62 or one of the other more difficult trails from Windrock.