Big South Fork

Officially named Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, this national park lies just west of Oneida, TN along the TN/KY border. While most of the parks non paved areas are horse and hiking trails we did manage to find a few "multi-use" off road trails.

The park can be accessed a number of ways, we went through Oneida and followed the signs to Big South Fork. We then followed signs to the Bandy Creek Campground and went about 1 mile past the visitor's center at Bandy Creek and found our first multi-use trail. It was an unmarked trail on the right just past the Scott/Fentress County line marker.

This trail led us to several other trails but they were all very mild. I didn't use 4wd and my 2wd truck would've made the trip without issue. It was a nice drive in the woods, but don't go expecting great off road action.

What you can expect are some spectacular views and lots of horses on the trails. The first picture on this page is of the East Rim Overlook, an area I'd like to get back to when the leaves start changing colors in mid to late October.